About Mary Lemons

Growing up as a minister’s daughter, I viewed the world from a Christian perspective. As a Religion and Christian Education major at St. Andrews Presbyterian College, I realized the same archetypal figures and lessons appear in all major religions. My conscious spiritual journey began years later as I began to experience the Oneness in all creation that transcends religious boundaries.
In the early 1990’s I studied with renowned energy healer Janet Mentgen, founder of Healing Touch International, and other spiritual teachers and healers. In 1995 I received my Healing Touch Practitioner Certification from the American Holistic Nurses Association and became a charter member of Healing Touch International.

I furthered my studies of energy and spiritual healing and became a Reiki Master, Kinesiologist, and Professional Animal Communicator. My various healing modalities complement traditional medical and veterinary care.

As I worked with humans and animals, I realized that connecting with them spiritually as well as energetically took me beyond specific techniques to the spiritual or first cause of each symptom. Thus I followed Spirit’s guidance and learned to create Sacred Space with each person or animal with whom I work. In that space we transcend perceived barriers and limitations. The healing that occurs goes to great depth and affects all levels of existence.

Knowing that we truly can heal our past (including past lives) and positively affect our future, I delight in sharing my philosophy with others. I have appeared on Public Access TV Station 21 in Charlotte, NC, and lectured at NC A&T University in Greensboro, NC, and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, NC. I facilitate seminars nationwide and welcome every opportunity to introduce people to the myriad ways of communicating with animals, nature, spirit guides, and with our own higher selves.

In my column Animal Talk, I illustrate how communicating with animals spiritually affects not only your animal’s behavior but also how you and your pet learn from each other.

With open heart and mind, I invite you to work with me in whatever way appropriate for you to access your own innate healing and intuitive abilities.

“You have been a blessed teacher of so many things I have incorporated into my life. You will never truly know the impact you have had on others with your compassionate gentle manner of teaching and sharing.” Love and Light, -J. E.