Animal Sessions

In my intuitive animal readings I connect you with the higher self of your animal and you learn from each other. It is not necessary for me to be in your or your animalís physical  presence in order to connect with him. Neither do I need a picture of your animal. Since I connect with you and your animal spiritually, we move beyond third dimensional aspects.

Connecting with your animal spiritually can be very practical. It helps with animal behavior, letting the animal and human know what each other expects of them. It can also affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of your pet and your own self.

My intuitive sessions complement traditional veterinary care. They help you realize emotional issues behind physical symptoms. Dealing with emotional and spiritual issues speeds up physical healing in both animals and people.
Communicating with dying animals helps animal and owner process grief. It shifts the ownerís perspective to relating to their beloved pet spiritually instead of physically. After an animal physically dies, he is available to his owner on a different level. It is amazing how our deceased animals continue to work with us. Having lived with us here on Mother Earth, they know what we need and desire. Being in spirit, they can help make our earthly journey easier for us.

As we communicate with animals, we gain insights into our own issues. Our animalsí experiences are opportunities for our own spiritual growth. Many times our petís journey mirrors our own journey. My intuitive animal sessions can truly open the door to your own self-awareness and to the depth of your relationship with your pet. The possibilities are unlimited when you commune with animals spiritually.

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My one hour sessions are $75. I accept personal checks.

The following are some of the issues I have addressed in sessions with animals:
  • Behavior issues
  • Bereavement
  • Lost animals
  • Pet jealousies
  • Training issues
  • Healing relationships
  • Rescuing & adopting animals
  • Sick or dying animals
  • Connecting with deceased animals
  • Past lives you have shared
  • Preparing for absences from your animal
  • Inviting your animal to help you spiritually in your job
  • Acknowledging your animalís specific purpose with you
  • Understanding underlying cause of health problems

"Danny's horse, Rainy Day, was euthanized last Wednesday & went willingly and happily into spirit to continue his journey. Rainy Day seemed prepared and was very, very calm ( unusual for him.) He greeted the vet with no anxiety & grazed on his beloved grass throughout the short process. Danny credits Mary Lemons' work with Rainy Day for the courageous & gracious transition & the relaxed acceptance that the horse displayed. Danny credits Rainy Day as being his master teacher for showing him how to die in a fearless, glorious manner. - A. S., Hoback, NC