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Animal Rescue and Adoption: The Rest of the Story


Lost Woman, Lost Dog: Listen Without Expectations

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Communicating with Animals

Understanding the Spirituality of Your Health in You & Your Pets

Spiritually Connecting with Mother Earth

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Animal Rescue and Adoption: The Rest of the Story
by Mary Lemons
Published in New Age Tribune April 2009
“You’ve rescued me. You’ve found me a loving adoptive home. Now what?

“I want to accept the love of my new parents, my human companions, but I am afraid I may disappoint them. Something may happen and they won’t want me any more.

“My friend is used to being on the streets all the time, faring for himself. Can he adjust to being inside part of the time? Can he be happy with less freedom?

“They want me to cuddle with them, but I am not accustomed to that closeness. Is it OK to let them love me? Do I deserve this wonderful family?

“Sure would like for you to rescue me all the way. . .rescue me from my fears, help me heal my past. Then I can really be free. . .free to love and be loved. Isn’t that what we all want?”

Rescuing and adopting animals is courageous loving work. Many animals are very grateful for those who take them from neglectful, abusive conditions. Often a person with an abusive past seeks counseling to help him deal with and move beyond his abuse. Animals need that help also.

We cannot take an animal out of an abusive home or a puppy mill or off the streets foraging for food to survive and expect him to miraculously wipe those memories from his mind and heart.

We must help our animals move beyond being victims. We can do this only when we stop seeing them as victims and stop labeling them as rescued or adopted. We need to change our perspective of them as well as help them heal their past.

In her workshop “Animal Rescue and Adoption: The Rest of the Story” animal communicator Mary Lemons shares ways to help animals heal emotionally so they can adjust easily to a new way of life. She helps rescuers and adoptive parents understand the emotions of animals and to communicate with them on a soul level.

Mary welcomes the opportunity to work with animal rescue and adoption organizations to broaden the scope of animal rescue, fostering, and adoption. For more information or to schedule a workshop or private session, please contact Mary at,, or 704-422-4039.
By Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Published in SIBYL magazine Fall 2007
To be republished in New Age Tribune January 2009


March 6, 1986 – August 30, 2007
LL Quarter Horse Farm, Albemarle, NC

Today Rudy taught us the beauty of death. As he took his final walk to pasture, dragonflies were everywhere. They flitted so close to him. I told my precious granddaughter Casey that dragonflies remind us we are all connected, that Spirit is in all of us. Such was my way of putting in nine-year-old vocabulary the fact that dragonflies move us beyond our illusion of separateness.

After seeing the dragonflies, I returned to the house and got the yellow sheet I used in my Dance of the Dragonfly class at Southeastern Spiritual Conference. We covered Rudy with the sheet so the loving energy of friends graced Rudy's body as his spirit soared into the heavens.

Rudy’s transition was peaceful. He simply succumbed to the medication that ended his physical pain. As we buried him, we were soaked from head to toe with a most wonderful rain. It was our first rain in over a month. I told my son Steve that Rudy must have opened a rain cloud as he went to heaven.

Earlier today I had explained to Rudy exactly what would happen to his physical body as it freed his spirit. These are the thoughts he then gave me:

“What a gorgeous day today! Everything appears so vivid to me. I see everything differently today. I am soaking in the beauty of this creation for I know I will soon see earth existence from afar. I am taking every good memory I ever created with me into my journey into Spirit. Don’t get a chance like this every day. Too often we forget to take in the beauty of our moments in physical body. I really am enjoying this day. I hope you feel my peace also.

“I remind you to not wait until you leave this beautiful place to enjoy what is before you. The land upon which you create is sacred as is all land.
“Oh, we had good times, didn’t we? Nothing changes that. Those good memories are ours forever. I am taking them with me into spirit. They will serve me well with all my existences.

“I truly understand the power of holding on to those things dear to your soul and releasing everything else. No sense in harboring all that less-than energy and bad feelings. It makes you hard to maneuver. Trust me. I know of what I speak.

“Better get back to putting more thought into today. I want to breathe the air deeply into my lungs and nibble the grass once more. I hope each of you is a bit better having known me, whether or not we ever trailed or we just admired each other from afar.

“Each of us, animal and human, is unique. Enjoy your uniqueness. Don't let anyone take it from you. Stand full in the beauty and power of who you are, allowing all others to do the same.

“I take your good wishes, your devotion, and your love with me into Spirit this afternoon. I take more than a full measure for I give some of it to your beloved dogs, cats, horses, fish, hamster, and rabbit that await me.

“Gosh, all of them are so eager to help me gracefully cross from earth to spirit. I am amazed at all my friends who await me. Didn’t know it would be this good. I love you dearly, Rudy”

Lost Woman, Lost Dog: Listen Without Expectations
By Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Printed in Art of Well Being Winter Issue 2006
This summer Downs Syndrome neighbor Cherry and her dog Copper were missing. Rescue squads and hundreds of volunteers gathered near their home late Saturday afternoon. They combed the area but to no avail. Nightfall came and still no Cherry, no Copper. They continued the search throughout the night.

What an eerie feeling to see flashlight beams jotting here and there across the fields near our house that night. The next morning I saw people walking the fields about ten feet apart. I knew they were still looking for Cherry, probably exhausted from the stifling hot summer temperature of the previous day, certainly hungry, and perhaps disoriented from wandering for almost twenty-four hours. Late Sunday morning and still no sign of Cherry or Copper.

Then they found Copper at the creek. He was stuck in the muddy bank. Exhausted and dehydrated, Copper could not walk to the house. Someone picked up the large dog and carried him home.

When I heard Copper had been found, I went to the house to see him. I believed he could lead us to Cherry. Beth, Cherry’s sister, met me in their yard and thanked me for coming. Copper was resting peacefully on the living room floor. He greeted me with loving eyes when I knelt beside him.

I introduced myself to Copper and did some energy work with him to help him release the trauma of his ordeal. Then I asked him to help us find Cherry. Sitting there with Copper, I had the distinct feeling that Cherry was still alive. I kept getting the impression of UP from Copper. Normally this UP message means the person or animal has died and has ascended into spirit. However, the impression of Cherry still being alive far outweighed the UP message.

About eight people, including Lynn’s Episcopal minister, were sitting there watching me as I talked with Copper. Not getting Cherry’s distinct location from Copper, I asked everyone to join me in a meditation to her. They all listened intently as Copper and I spiritually talked to Cherry.

I reminded Cherry that no matter what happened to her that she would always be surrounded by Spirit’s unconditional love. I asked her to avail herself of the fruits of nature since “manna from Heaven” comes in many ways. I smiled when the Episcopal minister nodded in agreement.

We all opened our sacred hearts and sent unconditional love to Cherry wherever she was. We imagined every light in her home being on, beckoning her home. We then imagined the light of our sacred hearts extending through the woods, over the fields, shining brightly, showing Cherry her way back home. I then asked Cherry to connect with her own sacred heart energy and to project outward her love from within.

I continued to sit close to Copper as I asked Spirit to open the heart and mind of someone who was open to feeling Cherry’s love extending outward. . .someone who would search in just the right place. . .someone who could find Cherry.

I still got the impression of UP from Copper, but I dismissed it since he was giving me a greater impression of her being alive. I did not stop to consider that his UP could mean something other than Cherry’s transition into spirit.

About an hour later we received word that Cherry had been found safe, but tired, several miles from her home. She had wandered UP the hill and had walked north toward the small town of Badin.

A woman from Badin had gotten in her truck and driven south. She drove off the main road and then found Cherry in about ten minutes. She was not a trained rescuer. She had not been part of the organized search party. She just had the feeling she was to go look for Cherry in her own way.

So what does this adventure have to do with Animal Talk? Plenty! It taught me two things about communicating with animals.

First, release all your expectations when you talk with other species. If I had gotten past my thoughts that UP meant having died and ascended into spirit, I might have perceived the further message that Cherry had gone UP the hill. I tried to make Copper’s UP message fit my perception of UP.

We must listen without expectation. We must listen to animals with a clear mind and heart. We must allow them to expand our perceptions.

Secondly, I expected Copper to lead us to Cherry’s physical location through his telling us where she was. Instead Copper lead us to a meditation through which we created the sacred
space for Cherry to be found easily. Had it not been for Copper, I would not have asked those people to join me in meditation, in prayer, for Cherry. Had it not been for Copper, we would not have created the group energy that helped Cherry be found.

Truly, our animals take us where we need to go if we will listen to them without expectation, if we will listen to them with open minds and hearts.
Positive Words, Positive Results
by Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
October/November 2006 Issue
Words…oh, the power they hold within them!

Do you realize that it takes more energy to hold a negative thought than a positive thought? Just imagine what a mouthful of negative words does to your energy field as you speak them. Then imagine what these words do to the energy field of those who hear them. Makes you think more about what you say, doesn't it?

Being positive and talking positive has always been one of my pet peeves. A friend surprised me one day by commenting that often I phrase things in a negative way. I was aghast! Surely I talked positively all the time because that was at the top of the list of what I tell others to do. Realizing that often we teach others what we need to learn ourselves, I took note of what I said for the next several days.

Sure enough, I often phrased sentences in a negative way. I realized I had often said, “If you don't learn anything else but this one thing in my workshop...” Gad! I was setting up my seminar participants to learn only one thing. Immediately I decided to watch everything that I said for several days and to take the time to phrase everything positively. You would be surprised how often I stopped myself and took time to think of a more positive way of saying something.

A good example of this is how we talk to our animals. Listen to this sentence and note the mental picture you get: “Princess, do not pee in the house.” You actually get an image of Princess peeing in the house. It does not matter that you said do NOT pee. You still see Princess peeing.

Now listen to this phrase: “Princess, thank you for peeing only outside.” This sentence gives you an image of Princess peeing outside...exactly the message you want to give her.

When we tell someone or an animal what we want in a negative way, they are confused. They get an image of what we do not want them to do and then they have to figure out what we really desire. When we talk positively, stating what we actually desire, then they know right away exactly what we mean.

Several years ago when I was hit in the head by a horse, the emergency room doctor told me I would have the worst headache of my life the next day. I immediately told myself he was wrong, that my head would feel fine. I refused to accept his words, although medical experience would have backed up his statement. I changed his words within myself instead of owning them. My head felt congested the next day, but it did not hurt. Remarkable, because I had received a really hard blow to my head.

Another example of the power of our words is the names we give our pets. So often names are self-fulfilling. I worked with a horse trainer who had a horse named Joker that was having major behavior problems. The first thing the wise trainer did was change Joker's name to Coal because diamonds come from coal. Immediately she changed not only her perception of the horse but also the horse's perception of himself. Within a month Coal made monumental behavior changes.

Take note of what you call your pets and the nicknames you give your children and friends. Listen to yourself when you talk with them. Realize what images you give them. Feel the difference in the words as you say them and as you hear them.

Please accept my challenge to phrase sentences positively, to use more positive words with everyone, humans and animals. Doing so will get you better results quicker. You will also feel stronger and more empowered because thinking and talking positively will strengthen your own energy field and positively affect the energy fields of those around you. Give it a try. Everyone will benefit!
Within Divine Will and For My Highest Good
by Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Posted 0n, August 1, 200

Has a person or animal ever drained your energy from you? Have you ever been in a foreboding situation? We all experience times when we wonder what is going on, when we feel challenged. We then react out of love or fear. Let me share with you some ways to react out of love. When these behaviors become second nature to you, then you instinctively respond out of love. Hence, you disempower fear.

First of all, realize that your solar plexus energy center is where people, animals, and situations drain your energy. You have your power struggles with others in this area. Your solar plexus is approximately two inches above your naval and is the seat of your will to think. Its vibrant yellow color nourishes your creativity, your personality.

When you feel tired around someone or feel they are draining your energy, simply place your hand over your solar plexus area. Doing so is a natural body stance and no one knows you are actively protecting your own energy field. Holding your hand there reconnects you with your own self and helps balance you energetically.

Secondly, thank your body daily for releasing what you no longer need. Our daily activities affect us energetically. Often we pick up things from other people and situations that do not serve our highest good. Some times we have beliefs that no
longer apply. To live joyously we need to move beyond limiting perceptions. Others may affect us negatively, but we do not have to accept that energy as part of who we are.

We need to keep within our energy system only those things that serve our highest good. Simply thanking your body for releasing what you do not need and for filling with divine creative energy will rejuvenate your spirit and your body. Include this release nightly when you prepare for sleep.

As humans we often get caught up in another person’s drama and react emotionally. Seeing beyond the third dimensional situation can take us through deep emotions and keep us from being weighed down with them. This third technique allows us to see beyond the obvious into the perfection of all things.

Remember that all creation originates from eternal, divine Oneness. Each of us is a unique manifestation of Spirit. Each of us is divine. We get off the mark, do anti-social things, when we forget who we and others really are. When we see the divinity within another, then he can see it within himself more clearly. Doing so is what I call looking beyond the obvious, what presents itself to us in third dimensional terms.

Several years ago I worked with a child who was aware of thirteen beings around him that wanted to play “head games” with him. They followed him everywhere he went. He was so afraid of them that he was suicidal. When I connected with him energetically, I was amazed at the purity and power of his own light. No wonder these beings were attracted to him. Some were curious about him. Some wanted to keep him from shining so brightly.

Instead of seeing these beings as evil and exorcising them from him, I asked him to connect with his own light within and to look long and hard enough until he saw a spark of light within each being. I referred to them as “less thans” because they had forgotten they are of the Light and thought of themselves as less than they really are.

When he concentrated on the light within each of them, then they were able to see their own light more clearly. More than half of them transformed into pure light when they saw themselves through the loving eyes of the child. When he told the others they could remain with him only if they accepted their own light within, those not willing to transform left him.

When we see the light within another, we help them see their own light more clearly. Instead of judging others as bad or evil, we see beyond our fear and allow the love within each of us to shine more brightly.

Fourthly, the phrase “within divine will and for the highest good” is one of the greatest tools of discernment. It should be the basis of all spiritual work. Establishing divine will and the highest good as the perimeters of your life creates sacred space for your earth journey.

Whenever anything confronts me or I question the integrity of something, I tell it to remain with me only if it is within divine will and for my highest good. Without exception, this guideline keeps me within the rhythm of the universe, resonating with only the highest vibrations available to me at this time. Trusting the power of this phrase and its intention dispels fear and moves one beyond judgment. Through it we claim our own power and ability to consciously create our reality.

In conclusion, we establish for ourselves healthy boundaries when we heal our power struggles by connecting with our solar plexus, when we daily thank our bodies for releasing what we no longer need and filling with divine oneness, when we see beyond the obvious and concentrate on the divine spark of life within all beings, and when we embrace life within divine will and for the highest good of all.

Living within these guidelines transforms fear and judgment into loving acceptance and understanding of ourselves and all others divine beings. With healthy boundaries we reclaim the joy of living as we fully integrate our spirituality into our everyday life.

The Spiritual Aspects of Addiction Rehabilitation
By Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Printed in Stanly News & Press, Albemarle, NC, August 2005
Can spiritual energy healing help with addiction rehabilitation? By all means, yes!
To be truly healthy, one must be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore, we must consider the spiritual, as well as all other aspects of any disease or addiction.

Humans are much more than their physical bodies. We are spiritual beings. We are energetic beings. Our energy fields within our bodies also extend beyond our physical bodies. Energy never dies. It transforms and evolves, but never ceases to exist. Our energy field is like our spirit. It is eternal. It will exist after our physical body stops functioning.

In any magnetic field, there are negative and positive aspects that balance each other. When we are diseased or addicted, our energy field has excess positive ions
in it. These positive ions have lost their negative counterpart, therefore causing an imbalance within our system. Energy techniques can release these excess positive ions from our bodies.

Addiction of any kind affects the entire body. Therefore, a full body energy technique is necessary to release damaged energy from every cell in the physical body. A full body magnetic unruffling releases from the energy field damaged energy that affects the person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Several years ago I worked with a woman who had formerly been addicted to alcohol for many years. She was very active in AA and was conscientious about her health on all levels. She came to me because of her severe asthma. Traditional medical care helped her breathing but had not reached the original cause of her asthma. Thus, for years she lived with breathing difficulty to the extent that at times she kept a portable oxygen tank with her.

During our session I realized her energy field was greatly compromised. It was as if there were something deep within her keeping her from breathing. Energetically it felt as if she were smothering from the inside out. As I shared with her what I felt, she replied that she indeed experienced a smothering from within that manifested in her severe asthma. She confirmed that she did not want to continue living this way. She wanted to be balanced and centered and able to breathe normally.

When I looked closer at her energy field, I felt the presence of an energy that did not resonate with the rest of her. There was a part of her completely out of balance.
Originally, I did not know the source of this energy, but I intuitively knew that it needed to change or leave in order for Nancy to be able to breathe easily.

Often in my work I talk directly to my client’s body or spirit not just to the person’s conscious mind. So I talked directly to this part of Nancy that was out of balance with the rest of her body and her energy field. I told it that Nancy did not need it any more. I told it that it had remained with her and had hurt her long enough. It was time for it to transform or to leave. Nancy cried out and then immediately relaxed. She said, “I don’t know what that was, but I am glad it is gone.”

Before her sobriety, Nancy had been an alcoholic long enough that the alcohol had permeated the cells of her body and had formed its own energy within her. Hence her feeling as if she were being smothered from within, her inability to breathe normally. After Nancy released this damaged energy, her energy field balanced and she breathed normally without additional oxygen.

We were then able to work on the spiritual aspects of her former addiction and heal the original cause of her addiction. Energetically and spiritually healing the first cause of any disease or imbalance is different from healing the symptom. If the original issue does not heal, then one symptom will replace another. As each symptom is treated or healed, another will arise until the healing involves the spiritual realm as well as the physical, emotional, and mental realms.

A Holistic Approach to Healing
by Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Printed in Stanly News & Press, Albemarle, NC, Spring 2005
Healing Touch is a holistic energy therapy that complements traditional health care. Gentle non-evasive touch influences and supports the human energy system within and surrounding the body. It restores harmony, energy, and balance to your physical body.

Physical health cannot be separated from spiritual, emotional, and mental health. Too often we fail to see the connection of all facets of our being. To be truly healthy you need to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Your physical body is one of your greatest resources for understanding who you are and what you need to learn. When you are aware of the partnering your spirit and your body, then you see beyond the physical symptoms of disease to the spiritual aspect of your being. Living a life of gratitude and attuning to the oneness in all creation helps create the sacred space for healing on all levels.

To heal means to make sound, to make whole. Our English word “cure” comes from the Latin word “cura” that means care of the soul. To be truly healthy, one must heal spiritually as well as physically.

You have numerous energy centers throughout your body, but there are seven major centers called chakras. Each chakra nurtures a specific area of your physical body. Through these chakras, energy centers, you receive, transmit, and process life energy. When these centers are open and balanced, you are better able to process your experiences and have healthy relationships with yourself and others.

Within you is the innate wisdom of your soul. Every cell in your body contains complete memory of all your experiences. Energy work heightens your self-awareness on all levels of being. It removes blockages helping you heal not only your physical symptoms but also the issues behind your symptoms. Energy work used in connection with conventional medical practices accelerates healing.

Energy therapy activates, realigns, and balances your energy field. It has a wide spectrum of uses, from minor injuries to terminal illness. Healing Touch and Reiki are two of the many modalities of energy work. Spiritual energy helps you heal your past, fully accept your present, and positively affect your future. It makes you aware of the journey of your soul.

Chi DAS is a new system of body movements that activate your seven major chakras and nurture all parts of your body and spirit. Created by Robyn Achey and myself, Chi DAS, Dancing with Awareness of Spirit, is a meditative body movement modality. These intentional graceful movements are in sync with the rhythm of the universe and allow a natural flow of energy, chi, throughout your physical body. Through Chi DAS, peace and well being permeate your awareness. These mindful and soulful movements partner your body and spirit and integrate you on all levels.
Chi DAS is the newest form of healing energy work.

Communicating with Animals
by Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Printed in Paw Prints, Wilmington, NC, October 2003
Communicating with animals develops a deep relationship between humans and their animal companions. It shifts our perspective. We realize humans and animals are here to learn from and teach each other.

Animal communication is very practical. It helps with animal behavior, letting the animal and human know from each other what is expected of them. It can also affect physical and emotional health of your pet.

Connecting with animals complements traditional veterinary care. It helps us realize emotional issues behind physical symptoms. Dealing with emotional issues speeds up physical healing in both animals and people.

Communicating with dying animals helps animal and owner process their grief. It shifts the owner’s perspective to relating to their beloved pet spiritually, not physically. After an animal physically dies, he is still available to his owner on a different level. It is amazing how our deceased animals continue to work with us. Having lived with us here on Mother Earth, they know what we need and desire. Being in spirit, they can help make our earthly journey easier for us.

As we communicate with animals, we gain insights into our own issues. Working with animals, I rarely receive information solely about the animal, his health or issues. Our animals’ experiences are opportunities for our own spiritual growth. Anne Marie, one of my clients, illustrates how our animals mirror our own journey: “Mary, you did a reading for my dog Moon and me last summer. I wanted to let you know after a year, she and I are very happy, in a large way due to the info you gave us in our reading.  You told me Moon was here to encourage me to be free. I have struggled in the last year with a job where I felt no freedom, no joy.  Moon began to run away in April.  Once, three times in one week.  One night she was gone, lost. . .it was raining outside. I meditated and was shown by Moon that one of us in the family had to be free if I was not going to free myself.  (Just like you said, last summer!)  I told Moon wherever she was I loved her enough to set her free if she did not have enough freedom living with me. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I then heard, "you love Moon enough to set her free...don't you love yourself enough to do the same?"  I walked in to my job and resigned the next morning, Moon came back, and I have never been happier. I plan to make my living as an artist and  move to the coast.  Now, when Moon and I walk on the sound and I let her off her leash, she does not run away from me. She runs and plays but she knows our freedom continues, even when we go back home! . . .  A year later, your lesson is still so very valuable and has changed my life.”

Animals and humans are manifestations of Spirit, journeying here together on Mother Earth, evolving toward complete Oneness of all. Inter-species communication is one way for us to understand our partnership with all creatures, the relatedness of all creation.

Animal communication can truly open the door to your own self-awareness and to the depth of your relationship with your pet. Once you realize you can communicate with your own pet, then you can also communicate with all species, tame or wild. There is no end to the possibilities that await you when you commune with animals.

Our challenge in working with addictions or any disease is to look deeper than the physical, emotional, mental aspects of the condition. To complement traditional therapies, we need to connect with our spiritual aspects so that our healing can come from within. When we do so, we energetically balance and align with our God source.

Incorporating spiritual energy healing with traditional addiction rehabilitation empowers the person and helps insure continued sobriety. Thus, the person can then heal on all levels of their being.
Understanding the Spirituality of Your Health in You & Your Pets
By Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
printed in Integrative Health & Healing, Spring 2003, Issue # 4

When we are healthy, we take our body for granted. We go along our merry way never giving a second thought to the relationship of our body and spirit. We amuse ourselves with the activities of being human. Then something happens and we experience physical discomfort or disease. Now we no longer take our body for granted. We are very conscious of it and its ability to function properly.
We consider physical pain something not needed and certainly something not desired. We may see it as something outside of us attacking our body and in that perspective we err. Our physical pain is a message from our body. It is our body’s way of getting our attention, asking us to honor our body.

In the summer of 2001 I began experiencing pain in my right knee. I did not remember straining my knee or hurting it in any way. But it let me know it was there by aching. I awoke in the mornings aware of discomfort in my knee. It hurt as I walked. I reasoned that it could just a symptom of growing older, but I was unwilling to accept this pain as an inevitable part of aging.

After two months of knee pain, I shifted my perspective. Each morning I thanked my knee for not hurting. Every night I thanked my knee for not hurting. Sometimes I would thank it for not hurting as much as it hurt yesterday. Even if it were hurting, I thanked it for not hurting. Within two weeks, my knee was pain free. Shifting my perspective from a space of pain and lack to a space of health and comfort, I made it easier for my knee to heal.

One of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves is to have a grateful relationship with our body. Within each of us is the innate wisdom of our soul. Every cell in our body contains complete memory of all our experiences. Our body will hold our issues for us until we are ready to work through them. Therefore we should thank our body for helping us understand ourselves more clearly. Each physical discomfort or illness gives us the opportunity to look more closely at our personal journey, to get beneath our physical symptom to our spiritual issue.

Preparing your body for surgery begins the healing process before any medical procedure has begun. Prior to my daughter’s tonsillectomy, I explained to her body what was going to happen and why and then thanked her body for healing quickly and without incident. At her checkup her doctor remarked that she was healing faster than normal. I explained what we had done and he smiled. I didn’t know at the time if he was expanding his awareness or if he thought I was just another crazy mother.

Every night when I shower I thank my body for releasing everything it does not need. As the water falls over my body, I give thanks for my body helping me process my daily experiences. I honor it and give thanks for its being a vehicle for my soul.
In my spiritual healing practice many physical symptoms simply disappear when the person or animal works through their spiritual lessons. I recently worked with a horse that injured his left hind leg by tearing his deep digital flexor tendon and suspensor ligament. Prior to this injury he was at the peak of his dressage and jumping career. He loved to perform and was also in the best physical shape ever. He had six weeks of stall rest, physical therapy, and cold hosing. After ten weeks of no improvement, several vets told his owner to give up hope because he had a career-ending injury.
At that time, his owner contacted me for spiritual healing for her horse. His owner herself was so sick with the flu that we did part of our session over the phone with her sitting on her bathroom floor. I told her to thank her body for releasing whatever it was ready to release. She knew there was a correlation between her flu onset and her horse’s session with me.

During our session both horse and owner worked through personal issues. Two weeks later I received this email, “I've been meaning to follow up with you regarding our talk about Pippen and his healing. Finally, one week after we talked, I started feeling better and recovered from my flu. Since then, I haven't really had the emotional energy to revisit our discussion. This past week, however, I have ridden Pippen twice. The minute I get on his back, he is so excited! He doesn't want to just walk. He skips and hops and canters sideways, begging me to just let him gallop. I can tell he is feeling so good. I am taking it slowly though. I don't want him to overdo it. When I trot him, I can't see or feel any lameness whatsoever. He feels perfectly sound!” This was the horse her vet had told her to put out to pasture because he would always be lame.

Another example of spiritual healing affecting physical health is my work with a gentleman who had chronic back trouble. He came to me regularly for several months getting temporary relief from the Healing Touch back technique that I used on his back. During one session I held his heart and his sacral area and never touched his back. He asked me how my holding these areas had anything to do with his back. I asked him to trust me and to listen to his own body.

During that hour he processed issues with his former wife, issues he had held in his heart and sacral area for many years, issues that were affecting his lower back. Later that evening his current wife called to say his back felt the best it had felt in years. I worked myself out of a job with him because he no longer needed help with back pain. His working through his emotional, spiritual issues healed his back.

Our physical body is one of our greatest resources for understanding who we are and what we need to learn. Partnering our spirit and our body is one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves. Living a life of gratitude and attuning to the oneness in all creation reminds us that our physical being is just one part of our existence. To heal means to make sound, to make whole. Our English word cure comes from the Latin word cura that means care of souls. To be truly healthy, one must heal spiritually as well as physically. Understanding our own self-evolvement and working through our spiritual lessons certainly complements traditional medical treatment and expedites our healing on all levels.

Spiritually Connecting with Mother Earth
By Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Printed in Innerchange, February/March Issue 2002
Reprinted in New Age Tribune Fall, 2008

We are truly blessed to live on such a bountiful planet that allows us to call her home, our Mother Earth. Myriad of resources are available all around us, and yet we humans can be blinded to them by our preoccupation with ourselves. We are often unaware of the beauty and oneness around us. When we live in harmony, in oneness, with all creation, we tap into the many resources that can help us with our self-knowledge and healing.

All living things--man, animals, vegetation, minerals, nature--have a common life force within them. Through this life force we can find our oneness with all creation. Once we become one with all, our own self-healing truly begins.

There is a pulsation in all creation. We know our own pulsation as the beat of our hearts. That pulsation within us can be aligned with the pulsation of all other living things. When we spiritually connect with Mother Earth and the many manifestations of Spirit, we receive gifts unknown to us in our normal third dimensional world.

Behold the wonders of creation! The earth herself provides us with a gravitational force that enables us to live upon her surface. In spiritual terms we call this “grounding.” It enables our spirits to reside within our physical bodies. Most people never give groundedness a second thought, but some people are “out there” and truly need the consciousness of being connected with the earth to feel a balance within their being.

The rocks, especially the big boulders, give us much strength and a sense of stability. If you are scattered and feeling out of sorts, sitting upon a rock can center you and calm your flightiness.

Rivers, streams, and lakes—all bodies of water—can cleanse us spiritually as well as physically. Not only do they refresh us when we physically walk or swim in them, but they can help cleanse our souls when we release our concerns to them. Imagining yourself in a peaceful stream can do wonders for your disposition.

Trees have so many characteristics for us. The tall pines stoically point heavenward, reminding us of God above. They also have deep roots that allow us to go to the core of all life. The more flexible trees like the weeping willow signify the flexibility that we need so much in our lives. The acorns that drop from the trees tell us that our growth can begin with just a little seed. We don’t have to know it all or do it all at once.
The dirt that we are so careful to wash off our hands holds many mysteries for us. What does it have within it that feeds and nourishes the roots that wiggle their way down through its many layers? Is our foundation fertile enough to allow us to burrow, expand, and grow at will?

The grass is our welcome mat to reassure us that it is safe to journey here. Our feet will not tire from walking in the grass. It refreshes us and lets us know it is all right to rest awhile before we venture on.

The rocks and crystals that grow within the earth signify the gems that are waiting for us deep within our souls. All we have to do is look long enough, deep enough, and many wonders will unfold before us.

There is nothing quite like being outside on a beautiful sunny day, breathing in the freshness and listening to all the sounds of creation. When it is cold and dismal outside, we can still enjoy all the wonders of nature by quieting our minds and bringing the essence of creation to us. Seeing yourself standing against a tree or floating on water or lying in grass can still your thoughts and give you focus, clarity, and vision.

Next time you are frazzled or confused or just plain tired, close your eyes and ask Spirit to take you wherever you need to go. Then take in all the beauty and wonder of your special place here on Mother Earth.

Bodywork…What Can It Do For Your Horse?
By Karen Braun, BA, ESMT, RMT

Note from Mary: Karen Braun is my dear friend who taught Equine Bodywork at my farm in June 2006. I endorse her philosophy and respect her methods of healing that she discusses in this article. Reiki, the energy work that she integrates into with her equine massage, is one of numerous energy healing modalities available to animals and humans.

Horses are one of nature’s greatest gifts to us. Think of how many times your horse has been there for you unconditionally. You’ve had a bad day or aren’t feeling well…who has consistently been there for you, waiting with loving eye and welcoming nicker?

Horses are great teachers about presence, gentleness, living in truth, and right use of power. They come into our lives for many reasons. We owe it to our equine companions to take the best possible care of them. Horses’ bodies, like ours, have an incredible ability for self-healing. There are things we can do to assist them in this process of maintaining good health. Regular veterinary care, dental work by a professional, enough grazing time and healthy diet, awareness of proper bit-usage and saddle fit, and bodywork all contribute to the well-being of our equine family members.

Bodywork has been an essential component of health and healing for thousands of years across many cultures. There are numerous forms of bodywork such as massage, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, reiki, chiropractic, and acupuncture to name a few. Theses noninvasive natural methods help the body heal, balance and release trauma. Keep in mind, though, that bodywork does not replace veterinary care.

When we think of the word “trauma,” we usually think of a huge accident or catastrophe. Actually, trauma can occur on physical and emotional levels from things that we may consider insignificant. Examples of things that can cause trauma to the body and spirit of the horse are falling down in the pasture, pulling back while tied, having to wear an ill-fitting saddle or incorrect bit for the size and shape of the mouth, lack of or incorrect dental work, getting kicked by another horse, being mistreated or ignored by humans (even if it was years ago).

All of these things are stored in the body and spirit of the horse on physical and energetic levels, causing restrictions of movement in the body, tightness, asymmetry, imbalance, and emotional upset. These things may show up visibly to us as a horse who bites, kicks, bucks, refuses to go, has “attitude” problems, head-shaking, is crabby; and the list goes on. These are all issues that we sometimes incorrectly interpret as bad behavior or resistance to training.

Imagine wearing shoes on your feet that are too tight and someone keeps pushing you to walk and run. If you couldn’t talk or gesture to tell them about your feet hurting, you would eventually become crabby, try to stop walking, sit down, and probably develop a headache and a sore back from holding all this tension in your body. This is what it can be like for horses that have pain and tension in their bodies. Sometimes the only way for them to tell us is by what we see as “acting up.”

A trained bodywork practitioner can look at your horse, evaluate him through observation of movement and hands-on palpation, and locate areas of tension and restriction. An appropriate healing method is then used to address the restrictions, working to release them and restore balance to the body, in turn improving attitude and emotional state.

During a bodywork session, the horse shows many signs of releasing tension in the body and spirit… demonstrated by licking, chewing, putting the head down, relaxing the pelvis to one side, yawning, and softening the eyes.

The following four types of bodywork can greatly benefit your horse:

Sports Massage
Sports massage works deeply into the muscle and facial tissue. It addresses specific muscles used in performance. Massage increases circulation to all the tissues, releases tension and muscle spasms, helps to increase range of motion and flexibility, helps speed up healing of injuries, lengthens connective tissue, promotes relaxation and well-being, and more.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy works with the nervous system, providing balance, harmony, and connection from head (cranium) to tail (sacrum). It combines light finger pressure with intuitive use of inner listening to sense restrictions in the body. Restrictions are then released, allowing the parts of the body to feel more connected and function to their highest potential.

Myofascial Release
Fascia is a web of tissue that is interwoven throughout the body. Trauma to the body causes fascia to become restricted and shortened, causing pain and muscle spasms. Myofascial release is a method of using various holds and stretches to release the tissue and restore proper movement and body symmetry.

Reiki is thousands of years old. It is a gentle hands-on approach that works to release blockages from the energy system of the individual. Balance and harmony are restored on all levels…physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Which method is used depends on the horse and his or her situation and “issues.” The practitioner does a thorough evaluation to determine which method or methods are most beneficial for each session. Bodywork sessions are typically one hour in length.

Horses give us so much and ask for so little in return. We owe it to them to help them feel their best in body and spirit. Bodywork is a wonderful way to further your connection with your horses, as well as helping them maintain health. Your horses will thank you.

Karen Braun, BA, ESMT, RMT
Karen is an Equine Bodywork Practitioner. She is the instructor and founder of Anam Cara School™ where she teaches others to safely provide bodywork to horses and connect with them on a deeper level. Topics covered are equine massage, energy work including Reiki, equine myofascial release, and intuitive development.