Links to Favorite Sites

Alternative Pet
Alternative Pet Health is a comprehensive guide to holistic pet care, promoting natural healing for animals. Its listings include alternative medicine information and pet care resources. The website is easily maneuverable. Its information is categorized by species, ailment, treatment methods, and resources that promote natural healing, Practitioners are listed with examples of their expertise.
Art of Well Being holistic journal is a complementary resource for many holistic healthcare choices offered by local NC practitioners. Distributed quarterly, it contains articles and advertising from practitioners, businesses and services that provide awareness and support for the health and well-being of our communities.
Harmonious PawsHarmonious Paws Heather Woodruff operates a unique pet sitting service in Deep Gap, NC providing in-home pet care while you are away. Harmonious Paws has experience with an array of animal life including cats, dogs, and horses.
Innerchange holistic magazine provides a forum to share information with others on spiritual journeys. The bi-monthly publicationís focus includes exploring oneness with the universe, bringing spirit into the workplace, investigating complementary healing practices, and voicing environmental concerns. It strives to build a community of seekers, students, and teachers of spirituality, metaphysics, and alternative healing practices. is a non-profit, educational organization with the purpose of creating gatherings for the exchange of ideas and wisdom. We advocate no single doctrine, but believe that there is much to be learned from the exploration of different psychological, spiritual, and philosophical systems. We do share an interest in and commitment to personal growth, environmental awareness. and the development of skills that can lead to harmonious relationships and happier lives.
Tall Tails
Tall Tails Training emphasizes building your relationship with your dog by training through understanding. Dog training is the art of balancing your relationship with your dog. Trainers Robyn Achey and Bill Gorton are authors of Dog Trainingís Big Picture: The Art of Balancing Your Relationship with Your Dog and 1000 Best Dog Training Secrets.
Star WebWorks owner, Judith J. Gadd aims to promote wonderful ideas and creativity on the web, and wherever  possible, add the elements of beauty and inspiration.