Communing with Animal Spirits
As you journey into the world of other species, may you rediscover the spiritual connection you have with all other living creatures.  Be aware of the wealth of knowledge inherent in all creation. 

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Communing with Animal Spirits introduces you to the animal kingdom and the many resources available to you there. You experience other species as spiritual beings that are here to help you in your earthly journey. Your animal spirit guides give you qualities and characteristics to help you process your life experiences. You unite and journey together as fellow companions on Mother Earth.   Laraajiís animated musical score dances with my thoughts and images across your heart, mind, and soul.

Chakra Balance Self-Healing Meditation CD

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Journey into the depths of your own self and rediscover the beauty and power of your soul.  In this guided meditation I connect you with your innate healing abilities as she leads you through the relaxing and self healing Double Hand Chakra Balance Healing Touch technique.

Chakra Balance Meditation takes you into a place of inner harmony, a journey of self-healing. You experience the peace of Spirit as you journey through this self-healing guided imagery. Your physical body is revitalized and your spiritual body nourished. You open and reinforce your energy field that supports your physical body.

Chakra Balancing Music by Laraaji Nadananda

Experience the rhythm of the universe as you tune into the musical vibrations of your own self.

Chakra Balancing Music embraces you with heavenly melodic vibrations of the seven major musical tones that correspond to the major chakras (energy centers) of your body. Laraajiís outstanding musical score relaxes you with five minutes of lead-in music, followed with seven three-minute intervals of music corresponding to your chakra system. You continue your journey with ten minutes of music allowing you time to soak in all the beauty of your own self. Chakra Balancing Music is the original background music of my Chakra Balance Self-Healing Meditation. Total time is 36 minutes.

After listening to my original guided meditation CD, many people asked me about the availability of my background music. Laraaji and I agreed to make this beautiful healing musical score available as a music-only CD. Truly, the music itself is healing. I listen to it nightly as I go to sleep and I awaken refreshed and energetically balanced.


The Creation of my Meditation CDís

I created my first meditation CD, Chakra Balance Self-Healing Meditation, in 2001, six months after the death of my dear musician friend Karl Wienand. Karlís love of music continues to inspire me and the many students he taught during his years as a college music professor.

Inner Awakenings' first CD is created in honor of my children--Stacey, Steve, and Marcie, and my granddaughter Casey. May we all have child-like faith to trust Spirit to guide and direct us in all we do. Thank you, my dear children, for supporting me as I rediscovered my own self.

I thank my family and loved ones for helping me realize the importance of being who I am. Chakra Balance Meditation is dedicated to all who have the courage to look within, to discover the wonders of your true self.

My second meditation CD, Communing With Animal Spirits, was created in 2003 as a result of my extensive work with animals. As I worked spiritually with peopleís pets, I realized how intertwined our journeys are. I fondly tell people to ask me about their animals if they are ready to learn something about themselves.

I have realized that other species have characteristics and abilities that help us in our own lives. These non-humans are so willing to partner with us. Hence, I created Communing with Animal Spirits so you will always have access to whatever animal is willing to assist you in your everyday life.

Gratefully, I dedicate this CD to the magnificent species that share their journeys with us here on Mother Earth. May we always honor them and their unique ways of manifesting Spirit.

Renowned musician Laraaji Nadananda of New York is composer of the background music for my meditation CDís that explore higher states of consciousness. Thank you, Laraaji, for your beautiful music that comforts and inspires me. Your music speaks to my soul and lets me know all is well.

Josh Brissom of GMO Studio in Concord, North Carolina is producer for both my meditation CD's. Joshís technical ability captures the heart of my messages and formats them into CDís that bring them into the comfort of your own home. Thank you, Josh, for your patience and guidance as you share your time and technical expertise with me in your first class, self-created studio.

ďThe first thing that struck me about Mary Lemons when I met her, was her beautiful countenance. That same peaceful vibration shines through in her meditation CD. I listen to it every evening before going to bed. .. I feel simultaneously energized and relaxed by her words. If I awaken in the night, I again listen to the CD. Mary's voice is so soothing I usually fall back to sleep before the CD is finished. I honestly feel that the chakra balancing is continuing to take place at a subconscious level while I sleep to her words. I enthusiastically recommend this CD.Ē - R. G., Cary, NC.