Seminars and Workshops

In my transformational seminars you will journey beyond perceived barriers and limitations and experience the inter-relatedness of all life. You will move beyond the illusion of separateness. Each workshop helps you access your own innate healing and intuitive abilities in a unique way.

I hope you will join me for an enlightening seminar experience that truly affects all areas of your life.

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Workshops with Mary Lemons


July 22-27 The Great Lakes Retreat
Private Consultations
Message Circle
Olivet College
Olivet, Michigan
September 17-26 SoulSafari South Africa
October 19-21 Fall Retreat LL Quarter Horse Farm
Albemarle, NC
To schedule a workshop in your area, please contact me at  or
704-422-4039.  My workshop hostess attends my workshop a gratis and also receives a free private consultation.
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Other workshops available:

Animal Communication
Communicating with animals is real and practical. Talking with your pet can affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of both your pet and yourself. It helps with animal behavior, letting both animal and human know what is expected of them. It deepens your relationship with animals (even wild animals) on many levels.

As you relate to animals as spiritual beings, you will access your own intuitive ability to communicate with other species. You will address specific concerns with your pet or with animals in the wild. Communicating with animals will help you address your own issues and process your life experiences. You will enrich your inner journey as you open to insight and guidance from the animal kingdom.

Chi DAS Body Movement

Moving in sync with the rhythm of the universe allows a natural flow of energy, chi, throughout your physical body. Intentional graceful movements activate your seven major chakras and nurture all parts of your body and spirit. Peace and well being permeate your awareness as you integrate this modality into your everyday life. Mindful and soulful movements partner your body and spirit, integrating all levels of existence. Chi DAS is a wonderful way to begin each day or to center yourself before sleeping. Robyn Achey and I created Chi DAS movements in conjunction with Zen Chien.

Exploring the Spirituality of Your Relationships
When you as a couple understand the spirituality of your relationship, you are better able to work through the times when you appear at discord. Understanding how you are energetically & spiritually connected to each other deepens your relationship. In this seminar you will learn how to communicate with each other on a spiritual level. Through relaxing energy healing techniques, you will activate and align your energy centers with your partnerís. You will experience a new level of oneness as you both give and receive spiritually and energetically. Meditations will unite your spirits and help you understand your sexuality spiritually.

Facing Grief, Walking Through It, Finding Hope

At some time we will all face the death of a loved one, human or animal. We may question the cause or timing of death. Many feelings arise, feelings that we must process, not ignore. Through my intuitive ability, you will connect spiritually with your deceased loved ones. You will feel their presence with you and realize they continue to journey with you in spirit. You will experience acceptance and peace as you heal all aspects of your relationship with your deceased loved ones.

Gathering of the Species

We do such a good job of becoming human that we often forget our spirituality and our connection with other species. Your creative self will manifest as you tune into and accept qualities of other species. In this seminar you will transcend perceived barriers between species and allow them to help you in your personal life. Understand and partner with animal spirit guides as you return to the sacred heart of All That Is. Gathering of the Species invites animals and other creatures to journey with us, helping us heal ourselves, our planet and all inhabitants.

Practical Spirituality:  Energy Healing, Stress Management, Meditation

We all want to reduce stress and learn to put closure on every day. You can awaken refreshed and centered daily by rediscovering your still calm point within. You become aware of your own innate healing abilities as you learn basic energy healing techniques to use on yourself and others (humans and animals). Balancing yourself energetically and integrating your spirituality into your everyday life will help you handle challenges and remain focused and peaceful. Some people use meditation to take themselves out of the chaos and stress of life. I prefer to show you how to incorporate meditation into your everyday life, how to live a meditative life. Practical Spirituality teaches you to get the most out of every moment, to be truly present in your everyday activities.

Reincarnation: Healing Past Lives

Ancestral patterns and former lives definitely influence your current life. However, you can move beyond all ancestral or past life limitations. In this experiential workshop you will identify and release limiting energy cords and patterns from former lives and from your ancestral lineage. The beauty of healing your past is that you can then fully accept your present and positively affect your future. You create the sacred space to heal future generations as well!

Sacred Space with Mother Earth & Nature

Truly all of creation celebrates the rhythm of the universe! We are so fortunate to live on such a bountiful planet. Myriad of resources are available all around us. We take for granted the beauty and resourcefulness of creation. The earth and nature are resources for your own spiritual growth. Experience oneness with All That Is as you awaken your connection with all creation. Celebrate your earth experience as you move beyond your ego and acknowledge your relatedness and inter-dependence with all life. Create a meditative lifestyle by being in and honoring nature and all creation.

Unleashing Your Power Within

You are a powerful spiritual being with a unique purpose for existence at this time. Learn to listen to your own inner wisdom and connect with your higher self. As you form a conscious partnership with your own self, you honor your physical body and nurture your soul. As you release all that has limited you, you can sing your own song, dance your own dance. As you accept the beauty of your own self, your uniqueness becomes an integral part of the melody of life and empowers you in all aspects of your life.

Sacred Space:  A Shamanic Journey in Spiritual Communication

Journey with me to the Sacred Heart of the Universe where there are no barriers, no limitations, where you can connect spiritually with any and all other beings. Experience your still calm point within. Face your fears. Rediscover your innate healing abilities. In Sacred Space we gather to heal our past, to fully accept our present, and to positively affect our future. Gift yourself with the ability to move beyond fears and perceived limitations into that Sacred Space where you can communicate spiritually with any form of creation.

Reclaiming the Joy of Living:  Honoring Our Bodies and Spirits

Every cell in your body contains complete memory of everything that has ever happened to you. Therefore, your body is a master at knowing what you need and desire. Throughout life your body and spirit react to situations and relationships. Some experiences exhilarate us. Others show up in various physical symptoms. Learn how to recognize and heal spiritual issues before they become physical symptoms. Allow your life experiences to open you to new discoveries & possibilities. Reclaim your joy for living and begin anew your dance of life!

Zen Chien: A Spiritual Journey In Dog Training

Your relationship with your dog is a partnership, a spiritual journey you share with each other. In Zen Chien your dogís training exercises correspond to his seven major chakras (energy centers). Understand what your dog is learning as you work through CHI DAS movements that activate your own chakras. Your dog and you will process issues and focuses of each chakra as you become more balanced and perceptive of your partnership with each other. Zen Chien takes your relationship with your dog to a new level. Professional dog trainer Robyn Achey and I facilitate this seminar together.


"Mary is the best teacher I have had in three conferences. She goes beyond knowing to feeling. By the end of the week, the whole class has undergone a transformation. Mary teaches with authority, integrity and love." T. G., Wilmington, NC

"Your Seminar was really enjoyable and the day went by all too quickly. I cannot tell you the times 'holding a space' has been in my mind. You certainly have filled a space in each of our hearts. Thank you. Your words remain and come back often. A. D., Trexlertown, PA