A Holistic Approach to Healing

by Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Printed in Stanly News & Press, Albemarle, NC, Spring 2005

cawildflowersHealing Touch is a holistic energy therapy that complements traditional health care. Gentle non-evasive touch influences and supports the human energy system within and surrounding the body. It restores harmony, energy, and balance to your physical body.

Physical health cannot be separated from spiritual, emotional, and mental health. Too often we fail to see the connection of all facets of our being. To be truly healthy you need to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Your physical body is one of your greatest resources for understanding who you are and what you need to learn. When you are aware of the partnering your spirit and your body, then you see beyond the physical symptoms of disease to the spiritual aspect of your being. Living a life of gratitude and attuning to the oneness in all creation helps create the sacred space for healing on all levels.

To heal means to make sound, to make whole. Our English word “cure” comes from the Latin word “cura” that means care of the soul. To be truly healthy, one must heal spiritually as well as physically.

You have numerous energy centers throughout your body, but there are seven major centers called chakras. Each chakra nurtures a specific area of your physical body. Through these chakras, energy centers, you receive, transmit, and process life energy. When these centers are open and balanced, you are better able to process your experiences and have healthy relationships with yourself and others.

Within you is the innate wisdom of your soul. Every cell in your body contains complete memory of all your experiences. Energy work heightens your self-awareness on all levels of being. It removes blockages helping you heal not only your physical symptoms but also the issues behind your symptoms. Energy work used in connection with conventional medical practices accelerates healing.

Energy therapy activates, realigns, and balances your energy field. It has a wide spectrum of uses, from minor injuries to terminal illness. Healing Touch and Reiki are two of the many modalities of energy work. Spiritual energy helps you heal your past, fully accept your present, and positively affect your future. It makes you aware of the journey of your soul.

Chi DAS is a new system of body movements that activate your seven major chakras and nurture all parts of your body and spirit. Created by Robyn Achey and myself, Chi DAS, Dancing with Awareness of Spirit, is a meditative body movement modality. These intentional graceful movements are in sync with the rhythm of the universe and allow a natural flow of energy, chi, throughout your physical body. Through Chi DAS, peace and well being permeate your awareness. These mindful and soulful movements partner your body and spirit and integrate you on all levels.  Chi DAS is the newest form of healing energy work.

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