The Spiritual Aspects of Addiction Rehabilitation

Printed in Stanly News & Press, Albemarle, NC, August 2005

Can spiritual energy healing help with addiction rehabilitation? By all means, yes! To be truly healthy, one must be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore, we must consider the spiritual, as well as all other aspects of any disease or addiction.

Humans are much more than their physical bodies. We are spiritual beings. We are energetic beings. Our energy fields within our bodies also extend beyond our physical bodies. Energy never dies. It transforms and evolves, but never ceases to exist. Our energy field is like our spirit. It is eternal. It will exist after our physical body stops functioning.

In any magnetic field, there are negative and positive aspects that balance each other. When we are diseased or addicted, our energy field has excess positive ions in it. These positive ions have lost their negative counterpart, therefore causing an imbalance within our system. Energy techniques can release these excess positive ions from our bodies.

Addiction of any kind affects the entire body. Therefore, a full body energy technique is necessary to release damaged energy from every cell in the physical body. A full body magnetic unruffling releases from the energy field damaged energy that affects the person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Several years ago I worked with a woman who had formerly been addicted to alcohol for many years. She was very active in AA and was conscientious about her health on all levels. She came to me because of her severe asthma. Traditional medical care helped her breathing but had not reached the original cause of her asthma. Thus, for years she lived with breathing difficulty to the extent that at times she kept a portable oxygen tank with her.

During our session I realized her energy field was greatly compromised. It was as if there were something deep within her keeping her from breathing. Energetically it felt as if she were smothering from the inside out. As I shared with her what I felt, she replied that she indeed experienced a smothering from within that manifested in her severe asthma. She confirmed that she did not want to continue living this way. She wanted to be balanced and centered and able to breathe normally.

When I looked closer at her energy field, I felt the presence of an energy that did not resonate with the rest of her. There was a part of her completely out of balance. Originally, I did not know the source of this energy, but I intuitively knew that it needed to change or leave in order for Nancy to be able to breathe easily.

Often in my work I talk directly to my client’s body or spirit not just to the person’s conscious mind. So I talked directly to this part of Nancy that was out of balance with the rest of her body and her energy field. I told it that Nancy did not need it any more. I told it that it had remained with her and had hurt her long enough. It was time for it to transform or to leave. Nancy cried out and then immediately relaxed. She said, “I don’t know what that was, but I am glad it is gone.”

Before her sobriety, Nancy had been an alcoholic long enough that the alcohol had permeated the cells of her body and had formed its own energy within her. Hence her feeling as if she were being smothered from within, her inability to breathe normally. After Nancy released this damaged energy, her energy field balanced and she breathed normally without additional oxygen.

We were then able to work on the spiritual aspects of her former addiction and heal the original cause of her addiction. Energetically and spiritually healing the first cause of any disease or imbalance is different from healing the symptom. If the original issue does not heal, then one symptom will replace another. As each symptom is treated or healed, another will arise until the healing involves the spiritual realm as well as the physical, emotional, and mental realms.

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