Within Divine Will and For My Highest Good

by Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Posted 0n InnerchangeMag.com, August 1, 2006

Has a person or animal ever drained your energy from you? Have you ever been in a foreboding situation? We all experience times when we wonder what is going on, when we feel challenged. We then react out of love or fear. Let me share with you some ways to react out of love. When these behaviors become second nature to you, then you instinctively respond out of love. Hence, you disempower fear.

First of all, realize that your solar plexus energy center is where people, animals, and situations drain your energy. You have your power struggles with others in this area. Your solar plexus is approximately two inches above your naval and is the seat of your will to think. Its vibrant yellow color nourishes your creativity, your personality.

When you feel tired around someone or feel they are draining your energy, simply place your hand over your solar plexus area. Doing so is a natural body stance and no one knows you are actively protecting your own energy field. Holding your hand there reconnects you with your own self and helps balance you energetically.

Secondly, thank your body daily for releasing what you no longer need. Our daily activities affect us energetically. Often we pick up things from other people and situations that do not serve our highest good. Some times we have beliefs that no longer apply. To live joyously we need to move beyond limiting perceptions. Others may affect us negatively, but we do not have to accept that energy as part of who we are.

We need to keep within our energy system only those things that serve our highest good. Simply thanking your body for releasing what you do not need and for filling with divine creative energy will rejuvenate your spirit and your body. Include this release nightly when you prepare for sleep.

As humans we often get caught up in another person’s drama and react emotionally. Seeing beyond the third dimensional situation can take us through deep emotions and keep us from being weighed down with them. This third technique allows us to see beyond the obvious into the perfection of all things.

Remember that all creation originates from eternal, divine Oneness. Each of us is a unique manifestation of Spirit. Each of us is divine. We get off the mark, do anti-social things, when we forget who we and others really are. When we see the divinity within another, then he can see it within himself more clearly. Doing so is what I call looking beyond the obvious, what presents itself to us in third dimensional terms.

Several years ago I worked with a child who was aware of thirteen beings around him that wanted to play “head games” with him. They followed him everywhere he went. He was so afraid of them that he was suicidal. When I connected with him energetically, I was amazed at the purity and power of his own light. No wonder these beings were attracted to him. Some were curious about him. Some wanted to keep him from shining so brightly.

Instead of seeing these beings as evil and exorcising them from him, I asked him to connect with his own light within and to look long and hard enough until he saw a spark of light within each being. I referred to them as “less thans” because they had forgotten they are of the Light and thought of themselves as less than they really are.

When he concentrated on the light within each of them, then they were able to see their own light more clearly. More than half of them transformed into pure light when they saw themselves through the loving eyes of the child. When he told the others they could remain with him only if they accepted their own light within, those not willing to transform left him.

When we see the light within another, we help them see their own light more clearly. Instead of judging others as bad or evil, we see beyond our fear and allow the love within each of us to shine more brightly.

Fourthly, the phrase “within divine will and for the highest good” is one of the greatest tools of discernment. It should be the basis of all spiritual work. Establishing divine will and the highest good as the perimeters of your life creates sacred space for your earth journey.

Whenever anything confronts me or I question the integrity of something, I tell it to remain with me only if it is within divine will and for my highest good. Without exception, this guideline keeps me within the rhythm of the universe, resonating with only the highest vibrations available to me at this time. Trusting the power of this phrase and its intention dispels fear and moves one beyond judgment. Through it we claim our own power and ability to consciously create our reality.

In conclusion, we establish for ourselves healthy boundaries when we heal our power struggles by connecting with our solar plexus, when we daily thank our bodies for releasing what we no longer need and filling with divine oneness, when we see beyond the obvious and concentrate on the divine spark of life within all beings, and when we embrace life within divine will and for the highest good of all.

Living within these guidelines transforms fear and judgment into loving acceptance and understanding of ourselves and all others divine beings. With healthy boundaries we reclaim the joy of living as we fully integrate our spirituality into our everyday life.

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