Positive Words, Positive Results

by Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP October/November 2006 Issue InnerchangeMag.com

Words…oh, the power they hold within them!

Do you realize that it takes more energy to hold a negative thought than a positive thought? Just imagine what a mouthful of negative words does to your energy field as you speak them. Then imagine what these words do to the energy field of those who hear them. Makes you think more about what you say, doesn’t it?

Being positive and talking positive has always been one of my pet peeves. A friend surprised me one day by commenting that often I phrase things in a negative way. I was aghast! Surely I talked positively all the time because that was at the top of the list of what I tell others to do. Realizing that often we teach others what we need to learn ourselves, I took note of what I said for the next several days.

Sure enough, I often phrased sentences in a negative way. I realized I had often said, “If you don’t learn anything else but this one thing in my workshop…” Gad! I was setting up my seminar participants to learn only one thing. Immediately I decided to watch everything that I said for several days and to take the time to phrase everything positively. You would be surprised how often I stopped myself and took time to think of a more positive way of saying something.

A good example of this is how we talk to our animals. Listen to this sentence and note the mental picture you get: “Princess, do not pee in the house.” You actually get an image of Princess peeing in the house. It does not matter that you said do NOT pee. You still see Princess peeing.

Now listen to this phrase: “Princess, thank you for peeing only outside.” This sentence gives you an image of Princess peeing outside…exactly the message you want to give her.

When we tell someone or an animal what we want in a negative way, they are confused. They get an image of what we do not want them to do and then they have to figure out what we really desire. When we talk positively, stating what we actually desire, then they know right away exactly what we mean.

Several years ago when I was hit in the head by a horse, the emergency room doctor told me I would have the worst headache of my life the next day. I immediately told myself he was wrong, that my head would feel fine. I refused to accept his words, although medical experience would have backed up his statement. I changed his words within myself instead of owning them. My head felt congested the next day, but it did not hurt. Remarkable, because I had received a really hard blow to my head.

Another example of the power of our words is the names we give our pets. So often names are self-fulfilling. I worked with a horse trainer who had a horse named Joker that was having major behavior problems. The first thing the wise trainer did was change Joker’s name to Coal because diamonds come from coal. Immediately she changed not only her perception of the horse but also the horse’s perception of himself. Within a month Coal made monumental behavior changes.

Take note of what you call your pets and the nicknames you give your children and friends. Listen to yourself when you talk with them. Realize what images you give them. Feel the difference in the words as you say them and as you hear them.

Please accept my challenge to phrase sentences positively, to use more positive words with everyone, humans and animals. Doing so will get you better results quicker. You will also feel stronger and more empowered because thinking and talking positively will strengthen your own energy field and positively affect the energy fields of those around you. Give it a try. Everyone will benefit!

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