By Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Published in SIBYL magazine Fall 2007
Republished in New Age Tribune January 2009

March 6, 1986 – August 30, 2007
LL Quarter Horse Farm, Albemarle, NC

Rudy on GrassToday Rudy taught us the beauty of death. As he took his final walk to pasture, dragonflies were everywhere. They flitted so close to him. I told my precious granddaughter Casey that dragonflies remind us we are all connected, that Spirit is in all of us. Such was my way of putting in nine-year-old vocabulary the fact that dragonflies move us beyond our illusion of separateness.

After seeing the dragonflies, I returned to the house and got the yellow sheet I used in my Dance of the Dragonfly class at Southeastern Spiritual Conference. We covered Rudy with the sheet so the loving energy of friends graced Rudy’s body as his spirit soared into the heavens.

Rudy’s transition was peaceful. He simply succumbed to the medication that ended his physical pain. As we buried him, we were soaked from head to toe with a most wonderful rain. It was our first rain in over a month. I told my son Steve that Rudy must have opened a rain cloud as he went to heaven.

Earlier today I had explained to Rudy exactly what would happen to his physical body as it freed his spirit. These are the thoughts he then gave me:

“What a gorgeous day today! Everything appears so vivid to me. I see everything differently today. I am soaking in the beauty of this creation for I know I will soon see earth existence from afar. I am taking every good memory I ever created with me into my journey into Spirit. Don’t get a chance like this every day. Too often we forget to take in the beauty of our moments in physical body. I really am enjoying this day. I hope you feel my peace also.

“I remind you to not wait until you leave this beautiful place to enjoy what is before you. The land upon which you create is sacred as is all land. “Oh, we had good times, didn’t we? Nothing changes that. Those good memories are ours forever. I am taking them with me into spirit. They will serve me well with all my existences.

“I truly understand the power of holding on to those things dear to your soul and releasing everything else. No sense in harboring all that less-than energy and bad feelings. It makes you hard to maneuver. Trust me. I know of what I speak.

“Better get back to putting more thought into today. I want to breathe the air deeply into my lungs and nibble the grass once more. I hope each of you is a bit better having known me, whether or not we ever trailed or we just admired each other from afar.

“Each of us, animal and human, is unique. Enjoy your uniqueness. Don’t let anyone take it from you. Stand full in the beauty and power of who you are, allowing all others to do the same.

“I take your good wishes, your devotion, and your love with me into Spirit this afternoon. I take more than a full measure for I give some of it to your beloved dogs, cats, horses, fish, hamster, and rabbit that await me.

“Gosh, all of them are so eager to help me gracefully cross from earth to spirit. I am amazed at all my friends who await me. Didn’t know it would be this good. I love you dearly, Rudy”


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