Journey of the Heart of Southeastern Spiritual Conference

The heart of Southeastern Spiritual Conference is heart-shaped lapis stone that goes home with a different conference attendee each year. This is the story of the conference heart when it accompanied Mary Lemons from June 2009-June 2010.

HeartAs soon as I arrived in Albemarle the day conference 2009 ended, I went straight to work at Stanly Memorial Hospital. I spent that first night with Lou Whitley who had just had an emergency appendectomy. Talk about one sick woman. I don’t think she even noticed I was with her but I gave her all the love you had put in me for many years.

I spent the next few weeks enjoying Mary’s horses, dogs, and cats, and soaking up the morning sunshine beside Mary’s fish pond. Did you know that graceful deer wander out of the woods at night? They come right up to the pond for water and whatever else they do in the dark of night.

The summer was so hot that I was relieved when Mary and I went to Wisconsin. I stayed a while with Nancy Braun who had just begun teaching cosmetology. In those days I gave Nancy the courage to quit teaching and to return fulltime to her own salon. You can imagine the relief when she listened to her own heart.

Couple of weeks later I participated in two seminars in the NC mountains. Then I kicked into high gear when Mary’s 99 year old mother died. What a relief to see her gently go into spirit. And you wouldn’t believe the healing we created in the family as sibling jealousies just disappeared that weekend.

No sooner had we settled back into life at the LL Quarter Horse Farm, than we ventured back to the NC mountains for another adventure. Only this time we went higher and higher and I thought we would never get off that winding road to Wildacres Retreat near Little Switzerland. What a delight to see Southeasterners Barbara, Jane, and Pauline there at the A.R.E. conference.

After all those conference attendees held me and put their love and compassion within me, I spent the night with a lovely woman whose cancer had returned. Her husband Mike manages Wildacres Retreat so I gave him so extra energy as well.

Next on my journey was a trip to Ravenna, Ohio, where I saw more Southeasterners Dick and Susan. What a treat to spend the weekend with them and other folks at the Sugar Maple B & B. I think that was my first time to stay in such an old historic place that was also home to three curious spirits.

I was very busy at that Ohio weekend retreat because Tudy was still in the depths of despair over her son’s suicide. Hopefully I helped her see how she can help others who lose their loved ones that way.

Soon as we returned home, I stayed with Mary’s daughter Stacey while she recovered from her miscarriage. Sure hope I gave her and Brandon courage and hope for a good pregnancy and healthy baby.   After that I sure was ready for the Double L’s Halloween pizza party and hayride. While the kids all dressed up in scary attired, I decided not to disguise myself but to let everyone see me for what I really am. . .a beautiful heart shaped lapis that has so much love from years of being held and cared for all of you.

Another trip to the NC mountains gave me a visit with southeasterners Olivia, Elaine,  and Amanda. A hike rewarded us with an awesome mountaintop view.

I am fully charged with the powerful energy of all our chakras since Mary and I made chakra books this year. We soaked up all the good energy in Catherine Anderson’s art studio and we walked her peaceful labyrinth while deer and rabbits graced her yard.

Last fall and this spring I took time out to play with Mary’s grandchildren, Casey and Caleb. Have you ever been around 11 twelve year old girls playing softball? Talk about energy and stamina. Those girls have it while they play four to eight games a weekend.

But Casey and her friends do not have as much energy as 4 year old Caleb. He kept me busy digging for worms and dinosaur bones, playing with lizards and turtles, and swinging, swinging, swinging.

This spring I had a long drive to Pennsylvania with Mary, Stacey and her dog Morgan. We visited another Southeasterner Robyn Achey and participated in her weekend event to raise money for animal rescue leagues in her area. Then some ladies came over and we made fairy wings and brought all sorts of good energy into Robyn’s home. Made me feel all light and happy.

Couple weeks later Mary and I returned to Pennsylvania and participated in a canine blood drive. You should have seen all those dogs that pranced past us. Later that evening we visited a friend who lives in a really old house that has fairies living there. What a delight to meet humans who preserve the energy of old homes and a more simple way of living from generations past.

Off to Wisconsin again where we did some major working healing past lives and moving beyond sexual abuse. Seems there is a need for me and my love just about everywhere.

One more trip before I came back to my conference family. Imagine my delight to see Olivia, Susan, Nealie, and Joanne at their church’s Oneness Blessing Weekend. What a joy to be a part of 22 people becoming blessing givers!

Now that I am back at conference, I will rest and soak up all of your love and powerful energy so I will be ready to begin another year’s journey with one of you. Please hold me this week and know that I am ever so ready and willing to be with you however you need me. I’ve done a lot of work since we last gathered and I bring love and gratitude back to you from everyone who benefited from my presence this year. I am full of so much good transformational energy that I just cannot wait to get to work again. Hold me. Feel me. Know I will give you exactly what you need all this week. With love to each of you my friends, Your Conference Heart

June 20, 2010

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