Spiritually Connecting with Mother Earth


By Mary Lemons, BA, CHTP
Printed in Innerchange, Feb/Mar Issue 2002
Reprinted in New Age Tribune Fall, 2008

We are truly blessed to live on such a bountiful planet that allows us to call her home, our Mother Earth. Myriad of resources are available all around us, and yet we humans can be blinded to them by our preoccupation with ourselves. We are often unaware of the beauty and oneness around us. When we live in harmony, in oneness, with all creation, we tap into the many resources that can help us with our self-knowledge and healing.

All living things–man, animals, vegetation, minerals, nature–have a common life force within them. Through this life force we can find our oneness with all creation. Once we become one with all, our own self-healing truly begins.

There is a pulsation in all creation. We know our own pulsation as the beat of our hearts. That pulsation within us can be aligned with the pulsation of all other living things. When we spiritually connect with Mother Earth and the many manifestations of Spirit, we receive gifts unknown to us in our normal third dimensional world.

Behold the wonders of creation! The earth herself provides us with a gravitational force that enables us to live upon her surface. In spiritual terms we call this “grounding.” It enables our spirits to reside within our physical bodies. Most people never give groundedness a second thought, but some people are “out there” and truly need the consciousness of being connected with the earth to feel a balance within their being.

The rocks, especially the big boulders, give us much strength and a sense of stability. If you are scattered and feeling out of sorts, sitting upon a rock can center you and calm your flightiness.

Rivers, streams, and lakes—all bodies of water—can cleanse us spiritually as well as physically. Not only do they refresh us when we physically walk or swim in them, but they can help cleanse our souls when we release our concerns to them. Imagining yourself in a peaceful stream can do wonders for your disposition.

Trees have so many characteristics for us. The tall pines stoically point heavenward, reminding us of God above. They also have deep roots that allow us to go to the core of all life. The more flexible trees like the weeping willow signify the flexibility that we need so much in our lives. The acorns that drop from the trees tell us that our growth can begin with just a little seed. We don’t have to know it all or do it all at once.  The dirt that we are so careful to wash off our hands holds many mysteries for us. What does it have within it that feeds and nourishes the roots that wiggle their way down through its many layers? Is our foundation fertile enough to allow us to burrow, expand, and grow at will?

The grass is our welcome mat to reassure us that it is safe to journey here. Our feet will not tire from walking in the grass. It refreshes us and lets us know it is all right to rest awhile before we venture on.

The rocks and crystals that grow within the earth signify the gems that are waiting for us deep within our souls. All we have to do is look long enough, deep enough, and many wonders will unfold before us.

There is nothing quite like being outside on a beautiful sunny day, breathing in the freshness and listening to all the sounds of creation. When it is cold and dismal outside, we can still enjoy all the wonders of nature by quieting our minds and bringing the essence of creation to us. Seeing yourself standing against a tree or floating on water or lying in grass can still your thoughts and give you focus, clarity, and vision.

Next time you are frazzled or confused or just plain tired, close your eyes and ask Spirit to take you wherever you need to go. Then take in all the beauty and wonder of your special place here on Mother Earth.