Inner Awakenings, Healing Whole Self

My holistic healing practice for all species, Inner Awakenings, is nestled at the foothills of the Uwharrie Mountains, the oldest mountain range in North America. The beauty of creation and all creatures amazes me, so I am passionate about helping you feel that also. I am dedicated to helping people and other species consciously experience the oneness and interrelatedness of all life.

As a professional animal communicator, I help you understand how you, your pet, and all species share Sacred Space, how you learn from and teach each other. I spiritually connect you to animals so you receive messages from their souls, messages that directly affect your relationships and everyday life.

As a spiritualist, I connect you to the many resources available to you in the natural world. Our beautiful planet Mother Earth truly nourishes and replenishes us and offers us many ways of renewing our spirits.
As an intuitive medium, I give you messages from your loved ones on the other side. Together we go into the Sacred Space where you feel their presence and know they continue to journey with you. Communicating with deceased humans and animals is part of the natural rhythm of the universe.

As a mystic, I connect you with your true essence and with the many spiritual guides and beings available to you in your spiritual journey of self-awareness and enlightenment. As a shaman, we journey together into the depths of your own wisdom and into the heights of all creation.

As an author, I relate your spirituality to your everyday life, showing you practical ways to implement spiritual practices and affect the world around you. As a Healing Touch Practitioner, I introduce you to the wisdom of your body, where you can energetically heal the root cause of physical and emotional disharmony. Your body gives you messages that you can understand when you quiet yourself and connect with your still small voice within.
As an End of Life Doula, I help you embrace your death or the death of your loved ones with dignity and courage. Recognizing your legacy creates comfort and peace during the death process. Considering what it means to experience a “good death,” helps us realize the importance of experiencing a “good life”.

My desire is to take you with me into the rhythm of the universe. Journey with me and tap into your own innate healing abilities. Together we will move beyond our human perceptions of barriers and limitations and experience that magnificent Sacred Space where we all are one. With joy you will experience your own self and others as powerful spiritual beings. Thank you for accompanying me into the beauty of our souls.