My spiritual healing sessions have many possibilities depending on your interest and need. I attune to your higher self and receive insight into the issues affecting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. My intuitive messages help you understand your life experiences, remove blockages, and open new possibilities. When you understand the bigger picture, you are more able to handle present challenges.
Working spiritually helps you center and create inner peace amidst everyday life challenges. Working on a soul level with others (human and non-human) attunes their spirit to yours and creates greater harmony.
Often your own inner work expands you to be of service to others. When you understand your connectedness to all creatures you find your own unique place within the rhythm of the universe. My holistic approach complements traditional medicine by helping you realize the issues behind physical symptoms.

Every aspect of your spiritual awareness and self-realization can be addressed absentee as well as in person. When a person lives in close proximity or I am in their area and they are able to come for a personal session, I recommend that avenue. However, I have clients nationwide who live too far away for in-person sessions so they contact me for absentee, long distance consultations. Spiritual awareness is as effective absentee as in person. It is unnecessary for me to be in your presence or to have a picture of you or your animal to connect with you. Since I connect on a spiritual level. we move beyond third dimensional aspects.
When you request such a session, you give me pertinent information about your intention for your session and the names of people and animals in your home. In session we enter Sacred Space and follow Spirit’s guidance, allowing healing on many levels.

My one-hour sessions are $75.

Below are examples of issues I have addressed with my clients, humans and animals, in person and absentee. My work encompasses more than these examples.

Attuning to resources available to you in nature
Career concerns and decisions
Communicating with deceased persons and animals
Death and dying (of self or others, human and all species)
Educational concerns (career choices, preparing for and taking exams)
Empowering yourself
Energy work to balance, activate your innate healing abilities (intuitive bodywork)
Entity releasing
Grief and bereavement (helping you process grief of any kind) Identifying and releasing ancestral and genetic issues and limitations
Healing past lives
Identifying spirit guides
Lost animals
Pain Management
Partnering your body and your spirit
Past life regression DELELTE
Physical and emotional healing
Preparing your body for surgery, post-op recovery
Relaxing bodywork to calm you and help you release stress and tension
Relationship issues
Self esteem
Soul retrieval
Spiritually connecting with Mother Earth
Stress management
Understanding the underlying cause of health problems