“I thought I was going to get a massage. What I got was one of the most profound and enlightening experiences of my life. Through Mary’s prayer, healing touch and guided visualization, I was able to connect with deep personal feelings that I didn’t consciously know existed and release them. The process was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It is very difficult to put into words. All I know is that I am eternally grateful to Mary for what she did for me during our session together. I have known Mary for years and have taken her workshops every year, more than once a year. Each one is unique and experiential and always takes me to another level of healing.” – A. Gibson, Huntington, WV

“Mary, I really appreciate you. I needed someone to talk to and you were so supportive. I always feel clearer after verbalizing my thoughts and feelings around these kinds of things. You offer clear feedback as I reach for more.” – T. Hendrix

“I came to my sessions with Mary during my senior year of college as an alternative to traditional therapy. My intuition felt that somehow her holistic approach would tap into my heart and mind in ways that conventional therapy could not. I was not disappointed. In fact, the period of time over which our sessions took place was truly a defining moment in my life.
“Mary creates a safe environment that is incredibly conducive for the healing and discovery process. Her techniques tap into both the conscious and the unconscious mind of the body and soul. I am a creative artist and performer, so her techniques seemed very logical and applicable to my ways of thinking and feeling. The use of creative visualization, healing touch, energy sensing and balancing were all doorways into my emotions. Her techniques brought the unconscious world to the surface and helped me to safely identify problematic issues in more direct terms. We then developed personal mantras and physical exercises to move my life forward in a positive, joyous direction.
“As a result of our work together, I experience a renewed sense of unconditional love for myself. I am more willing to take risks both personally and professionally, and I tap into my own inner guidance and physical rehabilitation abilities. I see life in a broader sense, thinking ‘out of the box,’ and feeling a renewed sense of purpose as a human being and creative artist. From this place of strength and courage I made the transition into the top graduate school in my field. I still use Mary’s invaluable tools as a resource for my relationships and performing, teaching career in New York City.” – M. M. Anderson Cagno, New Hope, PA

“Your workshop topic for next year’s conference sounds like it will be a winner. You are an excellent teacher with good organization, presentation and time for sharing. Every session was well thought out and informative. I gain so much from your classes and I appreciate the time, effort and love you put into your teaching. As a retired teacher, I know good teaching when I am exposed to it and it is a blessing to be in classes of excellent teachers who love what they are doing.” – J. Edwards, Old Fort, NC

“Mary is the best teacher I have had in three conferences. She goes beyond knowing to feeling. By the end of the week, the whole class has undergone a transformation. Mary teaches with authority, integrity and love.” – T. Green, Wilmington, NC

“During our session you gave me a wonderful visualization for my husband’s then upcoming cataract surgery. A week or so before the procedure, I typed up that portion of the session and used it during meditation. The procedure was this past Tuesday and all went well. The bandages were removed the following day and my husband’s vision is fine. We were fortunate in many ways with this experience and I believe the visualization you gave me was one of the reasons why things went so well. Many thanks and blessings to you.” – S. Randall., Wilmington, NC

“Danny’s horse, Rainy Day, was euthanized last Wednesday and went willingly and happily into spirit to continue his journey. Rainy Day seemed prepared and was very, very calm (unusual for him.) He greeted the vet with no anxiety and grazed on his beloved grass throughout the short process. Danny credits Mary Lemons’ work with Rainy Day for the courageous and gracious transition and the relaxed acceptance that the horse displayed. Danny credits Rainy Day as being his master teacher for showing him how to die in a fearless, glorious manner.” – A. S. Hoback, Greensboro, NC

“Dear Mary,
I got your tape in the mail today, and listened to it tonight. I am overwhelmed by all of the information it contained. I remain deeply grateful to you, for connecting me to this soul information. On a lighter note, I keep getting money from unexpected sources! I had put out there what I needed to stay here this month, had given thanks for it, and now have received it. Thank you, Mary, for reminding me again, how easy things can be if we ask, give thanks, and let it all go. Love and Blessings to you.” – D. Shekhinah, Kenosha, WI

“Buddy and I want to say thank you so much. As I type, he is sitting on my lap resting after a very long walk this morning. There were a number of people outside, as it is a really glorious day up here in PA, and he didn’t bark at all – not even once. I couldn’t believe it, and yet I knew that the work you and I had done together had really helped! So I had to write and tell you – he has never done that before – he always barks! I just really wanted to share this with you by way of thanks!! And Buddy says thanks for helping him, too.” – G. Grossman, Allentown, PA

“Squirm has had a great week and a half since talking with you. It’s been amazing. Her appetite and spirit have been great. She seems happier. Thanks again. I appreciate your help.” – C. Rogers, NC”

“Moon and I continue to share a happy life together. Her freedom grows each year as she and I continue to ‘explore her island’. We hardly ever see that old leash anymore except when we are here in town and it is absolutely necessary for her safety. She is such a wise, loving girl and a true spiritual companion. I am grateful, daily for our session we had with you two years ago. It was such a help!” – A. M. Davis, Greensboro, NC

“I originally went to Mary for help with stress management. I also went for help in managing my asthma and have been to her for several other emotional related problems. Mary has the ability to get right to the root of the issues quickly and effectively. She then is able to see what work needs to be done. I can’t put into words how much I admire her work.” – Y. Kirk, Albemarle, NC

“Your Seminar was really enjoyable and the day went by all too quickly. I cannot tell you the times ’holding a space’ has been in my mind. You certainly have filled a space in each of our hearts. Thank you. Your words remain and come back often.” – A. D.. Trexlertown, PA

“Mary is one of those rare individuals who embodies unconditional positive regard for her clients. She comes from such authenticity that people feel immediately comfortable and willing to disclose as well as have astounding healing results. Mary has a highly intuitive sense of how to handle each client’s personal needs and direction.” T. R., Denver, CO“

“Mary is a flexible facilitator who tailors her instruction to the needs of the participants. Her workshop gave us insight into each other as individuals and helped us understand our partnership. We learned ways to maximize our communication skills and found ways to celebrate and nurture our relationship, skills we continue to use today. We highly recommend her workshop to any couple willing to strengthen and/or renew their connection to each other.” – L. E., Albemarle, NC

“I had my left hand operated on for carpal tunnel syndrome. For two nights after surgery I could not sleep. The pain medication was not working, plus it was causing nausea. After my session with Mary, I was pain-free for several days. I continued to have sessions until my hand was healed. Working with her speeded up my post-operative recovery.” G. W., Albemarle, NC