In my experiential seminars you will journey beyond perceived barriers and limitations and experience the inter-relatedness of all life. You will move beyond the illusion of separateness. Each workshop helps you access your own innate healing and intuitive abilities in a unique way.

I hope you will join me for an enlightening seminar experience that truly affects all areas of your life.
Please let me know if you want to host a workshop in your area. My workshop hostess decides what she wants to study and I then format the day around her interest. She attends a gratis and also receives a free private consultation in exchange for hosting the workshop and sharing workshop information with friends and family.

Workshops with Mary Lemons
In-Person Workshops Available Upon Request
To schedule a workshop in your area, please contact me at or 704-984-1099

Upcoming Workshops

January 21, 2024
Online Zoom Class 1:00-3:00 p.m.
The Sacred Journey Between Realities – Perspective of an End-of-Life Doula
Camp Chesterfield, Mediumship & Metaphysics Conference
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June 19, 2024
The Sacred Journey Between Realities
The Great Lakes Retreat
Dowagiac, Indianna

Animal Communication

Communicating with animals is real and practical. Talking with your pet can affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of both your pet and yourself. Communicating with your animal companion helps with animal behavior, letting both animal and human know what is expected of them. It deepens your relationship with both domestic and wild animals.
As you relate to animals as spiritual beings, you will access your own intuitive ability to communicate with other species. You will address specific concerns with your pet or with animals in the wild. Communicating with animals will make you aware of your own issues and help you process your life experiences. You will enrich your inner journey as you open to insight and guidance from the animal kingdom.

Animal Spirit Guides

Throughout the ages, animals have played significant roles in many religions and spiritual paths. In our modern culture, they are one of the most overlooked resources for spiritual awareness and insight. Each of us has animal spirit guides that offer us insight and encouragement. Together we will explore different types of animal guides and specific ways to recognize and access our own personal guides. You will experience a meditative journey inviting an animal spirit to be with you and gift you with qualities to help you in your everyday life.>

Creating Your Spiritual Toolbox

Do you ever wish you could pull something out of a magical hat that would make life easier and more joyful? You already have the ability to do just that. Together we will discover, or perhaps re-discover, different spiritual resources available to us. Some of the experiences you will have are Identifying Your Personal Dragon, a Healing Journey through Your Body, Energetic Protection and Releasing Negative Energies. Our workshop will end with the Sacred Heart Blessing, a beautiful honoring of our own selves and each other. Joyfully you will create your own spiritual toolbox, your magical hat of possibilities as you partner with spiritual resources available to us all.

Death: a Threshold Between Two Realities

At some time we will all face the death of a loved one, human or animal. We may question the cause or timing of death. Many feelings arise, feelings that we must process, not ignore. Through my intuitive ability, you will connect spiritually with your deceased loved ones. You will feel their presence with you and realize they continue to journey with you in spirit. If appropriate, you will invite your deceased loved ones to work with you on a specific issue in your life. You will experience acceptance and peace as you heal all aspects of your relationship with your deceased loved ones.

Earth, Fire, Water, Air and You!

Sacred Space with Mother Earth & Nature

Truly all of creation celebrates the rhythm of the universe! Relating earth, fire, water, air to your chakra system strengthens and attunes you to this rhythm. These elements have unique, powerful characteristics that can unlock your power within. Attuning to the four elements puts you in touch with the beauty and resourcefulness of creation. It gives you more self-awareness and helps you create healing on many levels. Celebrate your earth experience as you move beyond your ego and acknowledge your relatedness and inter-dependence with all life. Create a meditative lifestyle by being in and honoring nature and all creation.

End of Life Doula: Preparing for a “Good Death,” Living a “Good Life”

When we learn to embrace death, we understand better how to embrace life. Death can be an opportunity for our souls’ growth, whether we are ourselves dying or if a loved one is dying. To experience the sacredness of the dying process is truly a gift to ourselves and those we love. Together we will explore how to find meaning in life and death, how to see death as a natural process, how to transform the end-of-life experience so it has greater meaning and sacredness. In Deep Active Listening we open the door to new understanding. End of Life Legacy work focuses on a life lived instead of a life lost. Preparing for final days softens the grief that accompanies death. Creating a ritual in the dying process makes you pause and acknowledge what is happening. It helps you realize where you are on your journey. This workshop strengthens you to walk with grace through End of Life experiences.

Energetic First Aid

Energy healing is a holistic approach to healing in which you use your hands to direct the flow of energy. Touch influences your energy system and affects physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The goal of energy healing is to restore harmony and balance to your energy field, helping you activate healing abilities. It has a wide spectrum of uses–from helping heal minor injuries to easing the trauma of terminal illnesses.

Within each of us is the innate wisdom of our soul. The cells in our bodies contains memory of all our experiences. Unresolved issues on the cellular level can create energetic blockages within our bodies. Energy healing removes blockages thus helping us heal not only our physical symptoms but also our issues behind the symptoms. Energy work heightens your self-awareness.

Learn simple techniques to use on yourself, animals, and others to relieve pain and create balance. Experience your own energy as you sensitize your hands to work energetically. Energy healing promotes relaxation, reduces pain, trauma and stress, augments wound healing, influences emotional healing and deepens your spiritual connection. It complements traditional medical and veterinary care.

Exploring the Spirituality of Your Relationships

When you as a couple understand the spirituality of your relationship, you are better able to work through the times when you appear at discord. Understanding how you are energetically and spiritually connected to each other deepens your relationship. In this seminar you will learn how to communicate with each other on a spiritual level. Through relaxing energy healing techniques, you will activate and align your energy centers with your partner’s. You will experience a new level of oneness as you both give and receive spiritually and energetically. Meditations will unite your spirits and help you understand your sexuality spiritually.

Gathering of the Species

We do such a good job of being human that we often forget our spirituality and our connection with other species. The Dragonfly will take us beyond the illusion of our separateness. Your creative self will manifest as you tune into and accept qualities of other species allowing them to assist in your personal life. Understand and partner with other species as you return to the sacred heart of All That Is. Gathering of the Species invites animals and other creatures to journey with us, helping us heal ourselves, our planet and all inhabitants.

Practical Spirituality

We all want to reduce stress and awaken refreshed and centered. Putting closure on the day allows you to enter deep sleep and be receptive to Spirit’s guidance. Acknowledging your still calm point within, you can more easily tune into the energy around you and feel your connection with all creation. Integrating your spirituality into your everyday life will help you handle challenges and remain focused and peaceful. Some people use meditation to take themselves out of the chaos and stress of life. I prefer to show you how to remain calm amidst the chaos, how to live meditatively. Practical Spirituality teaches you to get the most out of every moment, to be truly present in your everyday activities.

Reincarnation: Healing Past Lives

Ancestral patterns and former lives definitely influence your current life. However, you can move beyond all ancestral or past life limitations. In this experiential workshop you will identify and release limiting energy cords and patterns from former lives and from your ancestral lineage. The beauty of healing your past is that you can then fully accept your present and positively affect your future. You create the sacred space to heal future generations as well!

Reclaiming the Joy of Living

Unleashing Your Power Within

Your body is a master at knowing what you need and desire. Throughout life your body and spirit react to situations and relationships. Some experiences exhilarate us. Others show up in various physical symptoms. Learn how to recognize and heal spiritual issues before they become physical symptoms. Allow your life experiences to open you to new discoveries & possibilities. Listen to your own inner wisdom as you form a conscious partnership with your own self, honoring your physical body and nurturing your soul. As you accept the beauty of your own self, your uniqueness becomes an integral part of the melody of life. Reclaim your joy for living and begin anew your dance of life!/em>

Sacred Space: A Shamanic Journey in Spiritual Communication

Journey with me to the Sacred Heart of the Universe where there are no barriers, no limitations, where you can connect spiritually with any and all other beings. Experience your still calm point within. Face your fears. Rediscover your innate healing abilities. In Sacred Space we gather to heal our past, to fully accept our present, and to positively affect our future. Gift yourself with the ability to move beyond fears and perceived limitations into that Sacred Space where you can communicate spiritually with any form of creation.


SoulCollage® is a conversation with your soul. Using your imagination and intuition, you will create guidance cards from pictures that subconsciously speak to your soul. You will be amazed as your random selection of images mesh into a kaleidoscope of awareness and insight. The process of creating SoulCollage® cards is therapeutic as you have hands-on experience with your own creativity. It is truly a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Instead of looking for pictures that depict your thoughts, feelings, and soul reflections, SoulCollage® is being open to visual stimuli and allowing them to take you within, without preconceived thoughts. The images, colors, movement within graphics pick you instead of your picking them. SoulCollage® is learning to trust without having to understand.

After creating several cards, you will work individually and also with others to access the wisdom within your cards. This final stage is asking questions of what you have created and acknowledging your feelings and insights. During this interaction with your own cards, insights and new possibilities open for you. What you see in a particular collage of pictures may vary from day to day. Days, months, years later you may look at the same card and have a completely different experience. SoulCollage® is an evolving process to which you can return at any time. It is an on-going journey as you allow your cards to be spiritual tools you can use beyond our workshop. Your cards are everyday reminders of your soul’s unique journey.

Your Dreams and You

Why do we dream? What is lucid dreaming? Does daydreaming matter? How can we remember our dreams? What are ways to process our dreams? How can we more easily access our subconscious minds?

Explore these questions and venture into the insightful world of dreams. Discover how your dreams are a part of yourself wanting to be recognized and understood. Create a partnership with your dream state so it can more vividly assist you in your everyday lives. With gratitude make yourself more receptive to insight from your dreams.

Tune into your creativity as you make your personal dreamcatcher. Wreaths and weaving material will be provided. Please bring anything you want to weave into your dream catcher. For example, feathers, gems, sticks– whatever is special to you.